YOGA & WELLNESS for a balanced life!

We have two therapy kitties - Oliver Gloves and Leona Mittens - who are often found sleeping in the sun or frolicking with the yoga straps.  They apologize to those with allergies who may not be able to attend due to their presence. We can ask them to leave, but you know cats....

If you don't like the way things are looking, change the way you look at things!

Blue Dog Yoga

A little slice of nirvana in the South.


Studio Etiquette

* Arrive at least 5 minutes before class starts.  We close the curtains promptly at the beginning of class, and it is awkward to try to set up your mat after class begins. Be courteous to all and arrive early.

* We recommend practicing yoga on an empty stomach - try not to eat for two hours prior to class.

* New students please arrive 15 minutes before class begins to fill out paperwork.

* Wear comfortable fitted clothes which will help your teacher guide alignment in poses. We practice in bare feet. Please remove your shoes before entering the studio.

* Listen to your inner voice and do only that which makes you feel comfortable.

* Refrain from wearing perfume or cologne or strongly scented lotions.

* Please bring a towel if you think you need one for sweat or slippery mats. 

*BDY can loan you a mat, but it is strongly recommended that you bring your own mat. Please clean borrowed items thoroughly after use with provided cleaner.

* Inform instructor of any health conditions, injuries or pregnancies.

* Please turn off all cell phones.

*Refrain from parking in the grass. You may park in the back lot or pull up to the middle of the front driveway and park one behind the other.

* Come on in and make yourself at home! There is no need to knock. Both the front and the back door enter the main hall.